Great Yarmouth History

Great Yarmouth Plate

All items in the Great Yarmouth Silver Plate collection date after 1660. All the Plate from before this date was seized to pay Parliamentary Troops during the Civil War.

Bellman's Staff

Great Yarmouth has a Bellman not a Town Crier. The staff was made in 1824 and is 73 inches long. The shaft is made of ebony with silver mountings. The foot is shod in iron and the octagonal head is summounted by a coronet.

Bellman's Bell

The bell is of brass and is engraved as one might expect with the town's coat of arms. The Latin inscription reads "non sibi sed publico", meaning "not for himself, but for the public".

Morse Basin

The basin along with a ewer was purchsed with a £40 legacy left by George Morse in 1665.The ewer later being exchanged for a cup and cover. The first gift of a silver plate bestowed by George Morse in 1648 was confiscated in the Civil War.

Coronation Cup and Cover

Won by "Bruxted" at Great Yarmouth Races in 1911.

Silver Trowel

Used to lay the foundation stone of the Town Hall on 20th April 1880.

Silver Rose Bowl

Presented by the Professional and Businesswomen's Club of Great Yarmouth in 1973.

Ceremonial Key

This key was made by Barnard and Co in 1881 for the official opening of the Town Hall the following year. It carries the Borough Arms and the arms of His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales who opened the building.

Corporation Bowl

Replica of The Montieth Bowl made in 1912.

Silver Fruit Dish and Victorian Claret Jug

Part of James Paget bequest.

Silver Soup Tureen

Made in 1841 by J & A Savory. This ornate, two handled soup tureen has scroll feet and the body is decorated with foliage.

Silver Salver

Presented to the Borough by Birds Eye Foods on 20th October 1965 to commemorate the opening of it's coldstore in Great Yarmouth.

Silver Salver

Presented by Sir Edmund Bacon on his installation as High Steward of the borough in 1968.