Great Yarmouth History

Firemen on the High Seas !

The title gives the clue to this story. The Norwegian cargo ship Gudveig found itself almost safely at the port of Immingham, Lincolnshire after a voyage from Casablanca. The cargo was phosphates and timber and the date was 3rd March 1961. At 4:00 a.m. smoke was seen in the engine room and an immediate call was made from the Gudveig asking for assistance.

The Gorleston-on-Sea, Lowestoft and Caister lifeboats were immediately launched.

The flames on board the Gudveig spread rapidly but it was fortunate that the steamship Tennyson was nearby and responded promptly to the distress call and was able to rescue twenty eight of the crew. The rescued crew were taken aboard the Gorleston-on-Sea life boat for transfer to Great Yarmouth.

The Lowestoft lifeboat arrived with firemen on board, who set about quelling the fire which had now spread to the timber located in the forward hold. The Gorleston lifeboat returned later with more firemen and pumps from Great Yarmouth.

When the fire was finally put out the Caister lifeboat took off all the remaining members of the crew that could be spared and the rescue was over.