Great Yarmouth History

Yarmouth and Gorleston Bombed

A common theme running throughout WWII was the fact that civilian casualties often outnumbered military casualties. Great Yarmouth followed this trend. Despite having a Naval base on the doorstep undoubtledly it was the civilians who died. A number of Air Raid shelters were built for the population, which was uncommon foresight for the British civil service. During the early period of the war Great Yarmouth was used as a dispersal area for evacuees from London, who arrived by coastal steamers before moving to safer inland areas. At this time the population of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston fell by a third as many of the residents, also moved to safer areas in the countryside.

St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church 1942 St Nicholas Church 2004

The first picture shows St. Nicholas Church after it suffered extensive damage by bombing during the Second World War. By 2004 the church had been restored to its former glory.